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Experience the rare and equisite flavour of lipton darjeeling tea

Lipton, the World's No.1 Tea Brand, invites you to discover the taste of Darjeeling Tea-savoured around the world as the champagne of teas and considered to be one of India's most globally-loved treasures

exceptional taste

Only 87 Darjeeling tea estates in India grow the highly prized long leaf orthodox tea, that is considered by tea connoisseurs to be the epitome of great taste.

exceptional purity

The long black leaves of this tea unfurl gracefully as they touch hot water to create a brew that is infused with a distinctive flavour and aroma and a deep amber hue.

all taste no sugar needed

Darjeeling tea is full of flavour. Try a sip of the brew without adding milk or sugar to discover the exquisite and authentic taste of Lipton Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling tea is best enjoyed without  sugar

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